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035 Satellite tracking (InSAR)

Published: 8 February 2017

When adding up at least two scenes (satellite images) and studying the offset between can analyze movements at the railway track.

When adding up at least two scenes (satellite images) and studying the offset between can analyze movements as described below. The principles are similar to those for traditional stereofotogrammetri. SAR (differential interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar) can be described as the satellite, where the deformations in a large number of measuring points or mätpixlar over a surface is measured by comparing satellite measurements of the surface from different dates. The method has in theory very good properties with a measurement accuracy vertically down against decimal millimeters and a high resolution in the plane of the square down to the square foot, depending on the precision of the satellite and the number of measurements has been in time. Older satellite measurements provide less data density but is most beneficial when it is possible to go back in time and analyze historical data as far back as there are satellite images of this type of field, which in Sweden usually means the beginning of the 1990s. This enables a surface surveillance where the deformation of the whole area can be documented, and not just in individual measurement points and the opportunity to do additional studies of the areas where the abnormal movement patterns can be suspected.

results Description

With the average price of iron ore $ 56 / tonne (Q2-2016) representing each train today nearly 4 million. The price tag on a day's downtime will thus be up to 100 million for only iron ore transportation. Alternative transport routes are shipping through the port of Luleå, which can handle between 80 to 160,000 tons of the port is being expanded (the Swedish Transport Administration, 2015). Road transport is not possible.

Project leader: Öivind Lier, Sweco AB,

Project partners: Sweco AB, the Swedish Transport Administration, Luleå University of Technology