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037 Current state analysis Nynäsbanan

Published: 12 March 2018

The objective is to describe the initial position in both hard and soft parameters, for the railway system on the line or track section where the project is started, and to develop proposals for a number of measurement figures to be used to measure and monitor results from future activities/sub projects in the ePilot Stockholm Syd (Stockholm South) project.
The aim is to provide background material to the ePilot Stockholm Syd project so that the right improvement measures for the whole railway system can be chosen. The status analysis has been performed by two students in the LTU BSc Maintenance Engineering Programme. This status analysis describes the condition of Railway Line 19 - the Nynäs Track section (a 55-km stretch of railway between Stockholm and Nynäshamn. The report provides a thumb print of the current condition and the past five years by presenting compiled maintenance-related historical data, and reproducing information retrieved via interviews and discussions with various actors who are represented on the track section.
Trafikverket does not have a centralized maintenance system, but several different ones. The maintenance contractor works in the Swedish Transport Administration systems. The
train supplier, which also maintains the trains, has its own maintenance system. Transparency and cooperation have improved in recent times, partly because the stakeholders are in agreement on looking at things from a passenger perspective. The stakeholders explicitly say that they are positive to increased collaboration and want to have cooperation projects aimed at increasing data exchange; hence, getting more out of one’s own information by complementing it with someone else’s. It is a challenge to combine different data systems and get them to communicate with each other.

Participating stakeholders:
Infranord, Luleå University of Technology, Trafikverket