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039 Uppsamt DEMO

Published: 23 November 2016

Executor: A growing cooperation group with among others the Swedish Transport Administration, Trains in Bergslagen, Tågkompaniet, Euromaint, Outflight AB, and several tilkommande industry players.

By vehicle monitoring system registers and logs alarm indications there is an opportunity to identify gaps in the interaction between vehicle and Transport Administration's power supply system. In order to have a high quality of power supply to rail vehicles it is required that the contact wire and pantograph has a good contact. Faults and defects in the catenary plant and / or vehicles pantograph can cause this important contact ceases. On such occasions arise operational problems for the vehicles, but also increases the wear on both vehicles and infrastructure, thus increasing the risk of a future catenary failure. By identifying these errors and fix them achieves a higher quality of interaction. In this pilot work has alarm indications from about: 20 Reginor (locomotives for passenger traffic) used. These vehicles are used by Trains in Bergslagen and all data is collected on the routes they operate.

UPPSAMT demo has already reached a certain degree of implementation by Trafikverket activity Maintenance has sent contractor to prevent contact problems. These decisions were based on demo-data and the analysis of deviation data from vehicles circulating in mätvagnsdatabasen Optram. The focus during the year has been to broaden and deepen cooperation work. The initiative has been taken on by the R & Portfolio 6 through the project "Innovations in value networks" and developing pilot "Working together for better maintenance of the railway", with several tilkommande industry players. The next step is the planning of the pilot project "Cooperation Digital Railway" in which the initiative and the concept can be developed and implemented at selected railway lines. During the year, work began to quantify the value of the deviation data from vehicles in traffic for the track facility and proactive system maintenance.

Contact: Peter Melander, Outflight AB