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041 Continuous state information II

Published: 23 November 2016

Damill AB has developed a new measuring equipment for continuous state information of the railway infrastructure. The measuring equipment has been named Tracklogger (TL) and housed in a bag that is attached to a rail vehicles operating on regular traffic. The equipment measures the forces vertically and laterally to the vehicle when driving on the track.

TL consists of three sensors (accelerometers) and a GPS. Figure 1 below shows the mounting on a trolley in steel train, carriage type Smmnps.

The case of this project is fitted to the trains that go with the hot steel slabs from Luleå to Borlänge and empty wagons in the return direction. Total conducted some 25 trips during the period from December 2014 to September 2015.

TL has been developed with the aim to test the primary functions of a new application for arranging an affordable and effective help function that uses the regular train service to inspect the track every day regarding its maintenance condition. The primary questions to answer is the equipment's functionality and its ability to measure the impact and shock, and no track irregularities, ie fault types such as ROV, nedvalsade joints, RCF pits, slirsår and kind of gear intersections.

Regarding functionality, the TL easy install, takes little space, is able to position and has reliable and sufficient battery power. Measurement quality is affected by where in the train TL and placed on the TL placed on a cart with "bad wheel". It should also be noted that it has not been objective and that it is too early to set the level to values ​​that can be related back to possible. limits in the rules and regulations which the TL is a new measurement system that delivers measurement results in new acceleration data.

Project leader: Dan Larsson, Damill AB.