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203 Reality Lab Digital Railway

Published: 21 February 2019

Reality Lab Digital Railway (VDJ), which is a sister project to ePilot, has tested and developed new ideas and prototypes together with problem and need owners. Concepts and ideas tested in VDJ should be related to the development and demonstration of digital information solutions for rail transport, operation and maintenance. Entrepreneurs and end users are also included in the testing operations.

VDJ covers both physical facilities with system support as well as research development, and educational resources. The platform for VDJ has been built and handed over to Trafikverket in 2019. The project has been co-financed by Trafikverket and Vinnova and the goal was to open Trafikverket's core business in railway for the development and demonstration of digital information solutions that are tested by entrepreneurs and end users.

The results of the project can be summarised in regulations, organisation, roles and technology that contribute to Trafikverket's ability to achieve the project goals. Examples of results are working methods and tools for establishing and actively managing a more dynamic regulatory framework that clarifies the need for innovation as well as the specification of the application of digital technology to strengthen the industry's ability. Physical and digital facilities as well as IT solutions for industry collaboration in the implementation of development and demonstration projects have also been established. The project has also produced proposals for agreements regarding information management between Trafikverket and external parties.