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Published: 27 August 2019


One of ePilot's focus areas has since the start 2013, been to establish and provide a cloud-based platform for information logistics consisting of distributed components for storage. This in the form of, for example, Storages, Blobs, Files, Hadoops, Sql, NoSql and Data Lakes and computing services such as web apps, app services, and VM machines and management services such as Active Directory which can be used for analysis of the system's condition, both infrastructure and rolling stock. Changes in both technology and business have meant that the existing platform needs to be adapted and modernised to meet the needs of stakeholders.

The aim of the sub project has been to modernise, supplement and clarify ePilot's platform for information logistics. Furthermore, the aim of the sub project has been to extend, adapt and describe ePilot's existing information logistics platform.

The sub project have achieved all the goals in agreement with the project plan. It can be stated that the digital infrastructure developed, designed and provided within this subproject has been a necessary key factor for the implementation of most of the ePilot sub projects.

The sub project has also identified proposals for continued activities aimed at enabling advanced analyses through the use of artificial intelligence.

In addition to designing the technical platform, the work has resulted in two other important and basic products: 1) definitions and guidelines for data and information management - which create the conditions for common understanding of asset management and digital assets; and 2) a template for data request - which can be used as a tool in digital asset management.

Stakeholders: Luleå tekniska universitet, Trafikverket, eMaintenance365

Project leader: Ramin Karim, LTU

Ramin Karim

Ramin Karim, Professor

Phone: +46 (0)920 492344
Organisation: Operation and Maintenance, Operation, Maintenance and Acoustics, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering