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243 Crowdsourcing - Innovation Procurement

Published: 27 August 2019

Crowdsourcing - Innovation Procurement

This sub project studies the possibility of implementing results from innovations in public activities, in this case within the responsibility of the infrastructure manager Trafikverket. This is done by using procured maintenance contracts for infrastructure maintenance, idea generation through innovation competitions (crowdsourcing) and innovation procurement. 


The results show that there are great opportunities for increased implementation of new solutions in maintenance contracts. This is because it is already apparent from the announcement of a procurement that the maintenance contract has room for innovation, sharing responsibility and risk between the stakeholders and increased experience reversal between Trafikverket's project manager. Crowdsourcing and innovation procurement are tools that can stimulate and enable the implementation of innovations. 


To support the implementation of innovations, it is important to have an implementation-supporting function. This should run across the organisation and find solutions to issues such as the responsibility for implementation, development of education and change in regulations and working methods. 

Stakeholders: Luleå tekniska universitet, Trafikverket och Omicold.

Project leader: Ulla Juntti, Omicold.