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246 Verification of analysis tools and measurement data from vehicle-based measurement equipment

Published: 18 September 2019

The sub project aimed to verify the analysis tool e365Analytics and the data provided by the mobile measurement system Track-Logger in ePilot sub project eP200-214-ImpINFRA.   
The sub project has shown that the Track-Logger provides both consistent and repeatable measurements of track quality parameters and that it can be used to complement Trafikverket's regular measurements. The sub project has also shown that e365Analytics can be used as an analysis tool to validate measurement results.
In order to be assess new mobile methods for assessing the condition of railway infrastructure, further development is needed that includes critical assessment of the analytical results, putting them in relation the railway asset, the measurement vehicles speed and direction. It is also important that the results are evaluated by railway expertise with knowledge regarding the asset´s behavior knowledge.
A third delivery in the sub project was to develop an evaluation methodology.
When testing and demonstrating new technology or a new methodology, it is important to think through the entire chain from start to finish, and to incorporate a routine that is applicable to future tests for validation and evaluation of utility and usefulness. It is also important to have an iterative thinking and be aware that the innovation is new and sometimes untested and therefore may need time for calibration. An innovation can also mean rethinking the rules, agreements and procedures. Hence, continued development and testing of the methodology is proposed.
A mobile measurement equipment such as Track-Logger, has in the estimation of the sub project, a great potential for more frequent inspections and can be a good complement to the ordinary measuring vehicle IMV 100 and IMV 200.
It is also considered that in the long term, a Track-Logger mobile measuring equipment can contribute to a more cost-effective maintenance of the railway.

Stakeholders: Luleå tekniska universitet, Trafikverket, InfraNord, Damill, Omicold och eMaintenance365

Project leader: Ulla Juntti, Omicold