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248 Data Factory

Published: 4 December 2019

The railway is a complex technical system with a large number of stakeholders and business models, such as infrastructure owners, operators, maintenance companies, consultants, etc. In order to implement a holistic approach to asset management and at the same time strengthen the competitiveness of companies, there is a need for common understanding and insight. Insight can be gained through the exchange of knowledge and data between stakeholders. Therefore, DF/R will provide an integrated data sharing platform for different types of data relevant to holistic plant management.
DF/R's goal has been to create added value for its stakeholders by establishing a reliable and resilient platform for data sharing and analysis. The platform consists of a set of services that enable the railway's various stakeholders, nationally and internationally, to provide and consume data and services safely. The work has focused on three important aspects and challenges related to:
•    Architecture - this addresses the components of the system and their connection and integration of these components.
•    Infrastructure - this addresses the system's underlying structures on the defined components and designed according to how the architecture should be executed.
•    Content - this addresses the content (i.e. data and algorithms) that are the components of the architecture and that are executed on the infrastructure.

Stakeholders: Luleå teknsika universitet, Branschföreningen Tågoperatörerna och Trafikverket.

Project leader: Ramin Karim, LTU

Ramin Karim

Ramin Karim, Professor

Phone: +46 (0)920 492344
Organisation: Operation and Maintenance, Operation, Maintenance and Acoustics, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering