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ePilot subprojects

In ePilot, 38 sub projects have been completed. A subproject has at least three participating parties that together run a sub project that has the potential to improve railway maintenance.

Between 2013-2019, ePilot received 105 ideas for improvements where 38 of these have been approved and demonstrated in sub projects. Sixteen of the sub projects have used the JVTC Testbed Railway for test in an opera­tional environment. The technical readiness level has been very high and in some cases resulted in business agreements. The sub projects can be related to different topics such as:

  • Track maintenance
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Decision support
  • Digitalisation
  • eMaintenance
  • Information logistics
  • Industrial AI
  • Prognostics and health management (PHM)
  • Augmented reality (AR) /Virtual reality (VR)
  • Computer vision
  • eCollaboration
  • eChange Management
  • eGovernance
  • Business models
  • Cost benefit analysis models
  • Test and verification of innovations

Read the sub projects project reports here.

Related projects

A related project is a project that is not funded by ePilot but has content that is considered very interesting to follow because the project delivers solutions and results that are in line with ePilot's goals. By providing ePilot with continuous access to the results, the related projects, in return, receive help in disseminating information about the project to all ePilot stakeholders.