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Welcome to the ePilot

ePilot is a collaboration platform that enables innovations for the rail ecosystem
within eMaintenance and Industrial AI.

ePilot is an initiative from Luleå University of Technology, Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration) and a large number of other stakeholders in railway. The intention of the initiative has been to create a platform for industry collaboration in order to rationalise operation and maintenance for the entire railway system. This platform has been based on a con­cept for information logistics and data analysis for diagnostics and prognostics related to the operation and mainte­nance process. The concept is called eMaintenance and has been developed by the Luleå Railway Research Center (JVTC) at Luleå University of Technology.

Our mission is to provide a collaborative innovation platform enabling operational excellence for the railway eco­system through eMaintenance and Industrial AI.

Our vision is to enable a robust, resilient, reliable, and digitalised railway system in Sweden that is attractive, safe and efficient.

Our goal is to incorporate relevant research and development findings into the railway system, thereby contribut­ing to greater reliability, punctuality, and sustainability in railway, and also greater cost-efficiency in operation and maintenance.

Within the ePilot’s framework, 38 sub projects have been conducted: Read about the results from the various sub-projects in the sub-project page.

Further, ePilot has helped develop the following two new concepts:

  • Railway 4.0 – an overarching framework designed to facilitate the choice of concept, approach, technologies and methodologies aimed at the develop­ment of the railway system, nationally and internationally.
  • Testbed Railway – a platform for implementing thorough, transparent and replicable testing of scientific theories, calculation tools (e.g. Big Data Analytics) and new technology.

Achieved impacts

  • ePilot has contributed to greater collaboration where 51 stakeholders have actively participated
  • ePilot has established a national platform for the retrieval, storage, integration and analysis of condi­tion and operational data
  • ePilot has created a neutral innovation platform
  • ePilot has established a process-oriented, cross-sectoral working method between organisations
  • ePilot has created a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities that affect the imple­mentation of innovations
  • ePilot has increased the industry maturity regard­ing the opportunities inherent in eMaintenance
  • ePilot expect the upshifting of the invested funds to continuously increase
  • ePilot collaboration has generated 105 ideas result­ing in 38 conducted sub projects
  • ePilot won the Strukton Innovation Award 2017
  • ePilot has been selected to the The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) top hundred list 2020
  • ePilot contributes to the achievement of the following impacts by utilisation of digital technologies and Industrial AI in operation and maintenance:
    • Improved robustness and punctuality in the railway transport system.
    • Greater cost-efficiency of operation and maintenance.
Veronica Jägare
"A knowledge structure that provides synergy effects"

Veronica Jägare represents the Luleå Railway Research Centre (JVTC), in the work with AI Factory Railways, AIFR, at Luleå University of Technology. "AIFR combines relevant and necessary digitization technology for data sharing and at the same time offers services for Artificial Intelligence (AI)", she says.

Researchers on IVA's prestigious 100 list

Three research projects from Luleå University of Technology are included at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences' (IVA) 100 list 2021. This year's focus is society's ability to prepare for and handle crises.