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Välkommen till Luleå

Welcome to Sweden and Scandinavia's northernmost technical university and the 7th International Congress and Workshop on Industrial AI - IAI2023. In addition to an interesting congress, technical program content and events, participants will get to enjoy some of the fascinating attractions found in Swedish Lapland such as midnight sun, Luleå Archipelago and the Arctic Circle.

Luleå was founded in 1621 around the medieval church in Gammelstad, but was moved in 1649 to its current location 10 km closer to the sea. The entire church village gammelstad is today one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Luleå has 78,000 inhabitants, making it the 26th largest municipality in the country. Luleå is a major export port, the economic, administrative and political centre of Norrbotten. The commercial and industrial life of the city has a broad base: the steel and engineering industries, many IT companies, trade, experiences and invites to great debut for leisure activities.