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Workshop and Congress eMaintenance 2016

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Abstract deadline: 30 April

Extended abstract due: 15 May

Extended abstract revision: 27 May

Earlybird registration: 15 May

About the conference

eMaintenance is being exploited in many industrial domains, e.g. transport, energy, manufacturing and process. One of the main objectives with eMaintenance is to align the maintenance process with the business and operational processes to achieve organisational objectives. eMaintenance is realised in proper information logistics by enhanced utilisation of Information & Communication Technology (ICT). eMaintenance also supports different interconnected levels in an organisation by provision of an effective and efficient infrastructure for decision-making. The benefits of eMaintenance are reflected in organisations´ overall performance and effectiveness.

Broschyr for eMaintenance 2016

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19th Nordic Seminar on Railway Technology

Luleå University of Technology and Luleå Railway Research Center (JVTC) arranged the 19th Nordic Seminar on Railway Technology. The seminar took place on 14-15 September 2016 at the venue of Clarion Hotel Sense, located in the center of Luleå.

Starts 14 September 2016, at 10:30
Ends 15 September 2016, at 15:00
City Luleå
Location Clarion Hotel Sense

Luleå University of Technology and Luleå Railway Research Center (JVTC) hosted the 19th Nordic Seminar on Railway Technology 2016.

The purpose of the seminar was to gather participants from the Nordic countries being active in the railway field, for instance from universities, institutes, authorities, manufacturers, operators, maintenance companies, and consultancies.

Topics that were presented and discussed comprised of both infrastructure and vehicle issues, and all the phases of design, operation and maintenance.

The language of the seminar was mainly English, but presentations in Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish were also welcome. Presentation material in English was preferred.

Abstracts of ½-1 page were submitted. The topics based on fortynine abstracts were presented during three parallel sessions and eight plenary presentations were given.

The seminar started at 10.30 on Wednesday the 14th of September and ended at 15.00 on Thursday the 15th of September with a dinner for the participants on the evening of the 14th. The conference had 95 participants with representatives from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England, Austria, Switzerland, India and Singapore.

This bi-annual seminar will next be hosted by Charmec at Chalmers during 2018.


[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/19th%20Nordic%20Seminar%20on%20Railway%20Technology%20-%20Programme%20v%204.pdf]


[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/2016%2019th%20Nordic%20Seminar%20on%20Railway%20Technology%20Abstracts%20of%20Presentations.pdf]

Kumar Railway Maintenance Trends in Technology and management

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Kumar%20Railway%20Maintenance%20Trends%20in%20Technology%20and%20management.pdf]

Saxena DigitalTwin

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Saxena%20DigitalTwin_NSRT2016.pdf]

Hughes Making big data risk analysis work for the GB Railways

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Hughes%20P%20Making%20Big%20Data%20Risk%20Analysis%20work%20for%20the%20GB%20Railways.pdf]

Elfgren Assessment and Upgrading of Railway Bridges

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Elfgren%20Assessment%20and%20Upgrading%20of%20Railway%20Bridges.pdf]

Abrahamsson Stiffness Variations in Track systems

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Abrahamsson%20Stiffness%20variations%20in%20Track%20systems%20V3.pdf]

Karis Track irregularities and vehicle response

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Karis%20Track%20irregularities%20and%20vehicle%20response.pdf]

Lunden The influence of corrugation on tangential forces and rolling contact fatigue

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Lunden%20et%20al%20The%20influence%20of%20corrugation.pdf]

Wan Recent advances in numerical prediction of rail corrugation growth

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Wan%20Recent%20advances%20in%20numerical%20prediction%20of%20rail%20corrugation%20growth.pdf]

Wrang EN 14363:2016 – a new and feasible way of homologating vehicles from a running dynamics point

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Wrang%20A%20new%20and%20feasible%20way%20of%20homologating%20vehicles%20from%20a%20running%20dynamics%20point%20of%20view.pdf]

Prevolnik Dynamics of SCA Logistics Wagons and its Influence on Wheel Damage

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Prevolnik%20On%20estimating%20the%20risk%20of%20wheel%20damage%20for%20wagons.pdf]

Nordmark Increased Axle Load to 32.5 tonnes – what Operational and Maintenance effects will it have

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Nordmark%20Increased%20Axle%20Load%20to%20Stax%2032%2C5%20ton.pdf]

Sollander Nytt EU-direktiv med krav på järnvägsfordon och andra delsystem för järnväg

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Sollander%20S%20Nytt%20EU-direktiv%20EU%202016797.pdf]

Wan Numerical optimisation of railway crossing designs

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Wan%20Optimisation%20of%20crossing%20designs.pdf]

Pålsson Kinematic Principles in Switches & Crossings

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/P%C3%A5lsson%20Kinematic%20Principles%20in%20Switches%20%26%20Crossings.pdf]

Norrbin A case study on Railway Infrastructure Robustness for Switches and Crossings

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Norrbin%20A%20case%20study%20on%20Railway%20Infrastructure%20Robustness%20for%20SnC.pdf]

Skrypnyk Simulation of material degradation in track switches

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Skrypnyk%20Metamodelling%20of%20wheel-rail%20contact.pdf]

Carlberger Numerical prediction of rail corrugation growth on curves

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Carlberger%20Numerical%20prediction%20of%20rail%20corrugation%20growth%20on%20curves.pdf]

Schoech Corrective and Preventative Rail Maintenance by Grinding – Competing or Complementing Activi

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Schoech%20W%20Corrective%20and%20Preventative%20Rail%20Maintenance%20.pdf]

Danielsen Crack initiation at martensite surface layers from profile grinding

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Danielsen%20Crack%20initiation%20at%20martensite%20surface%20layers%20from%20profile%20grinding.pdf]

Soleimanmeigouni Long term modeling of track geometry decradation

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Soleimanmeigouni%20Long%20term%20modeling%20of%20track%20geometry%20degradation.pdf]

Kidd Efficient coordination of railway infrastructure activities

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Kidd%20Efficient%20coordination%20of%20railway.pdf]

Sejersen Traffic Management System (TMS) for the Future

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Sejersen%20A%20concept%20for%20a%20new%20TMSHMI%20for%20the%20future.pdf]

Palmqvist Passenger train delays in southern Sweden

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Palmqvist%20Delays%20for%20passenger%20trains.pdf]

Hagberg Weather related train delays

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Hagberg%20Weather%20related%20train%20delays.pdf]

Zhang Sliding Window-based Fault Detection from High-dimensional Data Streams

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Zhang%20Liangwei%20Sliding%20window%20based%20fault%20detection%20from%20high-dimensional%20data%20streams.pdf]

Liu New Concept for Higher Speed on Existing Catenary System: Auxiliary Pantograph Operation

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Liu%20Zhendong%20Auxiliary%20Pantograph%20Operation.pdf]

Belea Modern feeding methods for railways electrified with 50 – 60 Hz

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Belea%20Improved%20phase%20balancing%20scheme%20for%2050%20%E2%80%93%2060%20Hz%20electrified%20railways.pdf]

Lunden Mechanical braking systems

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Lunden%20and%20Vernersson%20Mechanical%20braking%20systems.pdf]

Berg Universal cost model for innovative vehicle design

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Berg%20Stichel_Casanueva%20Universal%20Cost%20Model%20for%20innovative%20vehicle%20design.pdf]

Karim eMaintenance for railway

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Karim%20eMaintenance.pdf]

Larsen Under Sleeper Pads on the Ofoten Line

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Larsen%20L%C3%B8hren%20USP%20on%20the%20Ofoten%20Line%20Nordisk%20Jernbaneseminar%202016%20Utgave%20a.pdf]

Li Heavy transport on existing lines: the assessment of bearing capacity of track-bed based on track

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Li%20Martin%20Heavy%20Transport%20on%20Existing%20Lines.pdf]

Sköld Elasticity in track gives increased availability

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Sk%C3%B6ld%20Improved%20availability%20of%20ballasted%20track%20using%20ballast%20mats%2C%20UBM%20and%20under%20sleeper%20pads%2C%20USP.pdf]

Nia Wheel life prediction model considering wear and RCF: LKAB Iron-Ore Loco

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Nia_Saeed_Hossein_Nordic_Seminar_2016.pdf]

Khan Effects of Top-Of-Rail Friction-Modifier (TOR-FM) on wear, cracks and friction

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Khan%20Top-Of-Rail%20Friction-Modifier.pdf]

Palinko Estimation of wheel-rail friction at vehicle certification measurements

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Marton_Palinko_Nordic_Seminar_2016.pdf]

Gåsemyr Consequences regarding an increase of the axle load in heavy haul operation

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/G%C3%A5semyr%20Ofotbanen.pdf]

Larsson Using trains in traffic for condition monitoring of infrastructure

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Larsson%20Using%20trains%20in%20traffic%20for%20condition%20monitoring.pdf]

Frøseth Monitoring to extend service life of steel railway bridges

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Fr%C3%B6seth%20Monitoring%20to%20extend%20the%20service%20life%20of%20steel%20bridges.pdf]

Stenström ePilot119: Uppföljning av nulägeanalysen

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Stenstr%C3%B6m%20ePilot%20119%20Uppf%C3%B6ljning%20av%20nul%C3%A4gesanalys.pdf]

Juntti Lessons learned from the ePilot

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Juntti%20Lessons%20learned%20from%20the%20ePilot.pdf]

Aldenlöv The Swedish procurement strategy

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Aldenl%C3%B6v%20Procurement%20strategies.pdf]

Kans Service management 4.0

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Kans%20Service%20Management%204%20%20in%20railway%20industry.pdf]

Casanueva Novel articulated wagon designs for increased capacity

[ /cms_fs/1.147575!/file/Casanueva%20Payload%20optimization.pdf]


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