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eMaintenance LAB

Published: 3 May 2011

The world's first international lab for e-Maintenance

The eMaintenance Lab was developed as a platform for developing
solutions aimed for maintenance decision making. The Lab facilitates research and education in maintenance.

eMaintenance Lab, is the world’s first international eMaintenance laboratory,and
is now providing various services to the logistics and maintenance divisions to both national and international research groups. This includes industry and research partners from Slovenien, Spain, Italy, Germany, Norway, Finland, and USA. In the laboratory, the researchers get access to tools that support them in building artefacts such as models, approaches, frameworks, methodologies, technologies, and tools for maintenance decision making.

In Luleå and Kiruna

eMaintenanceLAB was developed in Luleå in 2006. Three years later, an identical lab was developed in collaboration with LKAB in Kiruna.


What does eMaintenanceLAB offer?

  • A common platform for maintenance research, with focus on eMaintenance
  • Provision of best practices and patterns
  • Small scale models of real world environment (for pre-verification)
  • Data processing capability (Large Data Sets)
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Common repository
  • Data acquisition procedure
  • Reusability - Data / Logic (Software)
  • Collaborative environment
  • Digital research library
  • Support to researcher with focus on other aspects of maintenance
  • Data warehousing – technologies & methodologies
  • Data mining – technologies & methodologies
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Text Analytics
  • Advanced Context customization and visualization
  • Simulation capability
  • Understanding the real world constraints (using real world parameters)
  • Broad casting new technologies & methodologies

Cooperating companies

Lab Coordinator eMaintenance LAB

Ramin Karim

Karim, Ramin - Professor

Organisation: Operation and Maintenance, Operation, Maintenance and Acoustics, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
Phone: +46 (0)920 492344