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Saad Ahmed Khan 2019 Photo: R Renberg
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Saad Ahmed Khan awarded in young researchers competition

Published: 29 September 2020

Saad Ahmed Khan, researcher in Operation and Maintenance Engineering at Luleå University of Technology, has with his dissertation won first prize in the competition TRA VISIONS 2020 for young researchers in the category of railway. The competition is funded by The European Commission

"I´m very proud and happy to recieve tis award, it will spur my future career", says Saad Ahmed Khan.

The dissertation Effects of friction modifiers on the friction, wear and cracks of rails aims to reduce the maintenance costs for railway operators.

The dissertation examined a friction and wear gauge for railways using computer-based simulations, laboratory tests and field trials. The results were used to calculate the life cycle cost of different models of this friction and wear meter. The simulation results have shown that by reducing the friction, crack formation in the railway rails can be reduced. This decrease is greater with narrow curves than with wider curves as the tensile forces decrease with an increase in the radius of curvature.

Saad Ahmed Khan wins prize for young researchers
Saad Ahmed Khan wins prize for young researchers

"I would like to thank Professor Jan Lundberg and Professor Uday Kumar at Luleå University of Technology for the support and effort he put in during my PhD studies without which it would have been impossible to achieve this award. At the same time I would also like to thank Veronica Jägare who told me about this competition", says Saad Ahmed Khan.