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Challenges and issues in eMaintenance

Published: 19 September 2014

It was almost philosophical dimensions of the discussions during a workshop on eMaintenance - Issues & Challanges . There are several attempts to define the concept eMaintenance and it varies depending on who you ask in the industry, suppliers, IT developers and academia.

- There are many terms and expressions, abbreviations and buzzwords within eMaintenance which may have slightly different meanings in different industries. Therefore, it is important to try to find a common terminology between, for example, customers, suppliers, developers, and among us researching the subject, says Ramin Karim, Assistant Professor in Operations and Maintenance Engineering at Luleå University of Technology.

The perhaps simplest way to describe eMaintenance is when using advanced information technology for analyzing and conducting the maintenance process and maintenance needs. In the same way it works in cars but mechanical defects are being repaired manually in a workshop. In the future eMaintenance solutions and systems not only to analyze, report and propose appropriate actions but also act as an interactive manual for mechanical work or keep checking the global market for the best prices to find the most viable solution to the problem.

- This is an extremely expansive industry where only your imagination sets our limits, says Ramin Karim.

eMaintenance is now a major part of everyday life for all industries, often integrated with ERP systems from SAP, IBM or Microsoft. It is very complex systems where the entire organization's data is handled; finance, logistics, warehousing, security, human resources, projects, and also operation and maintenance. But there are also many of the challenges faced when new technology, user behavior and customer demands change.

The seminar, eMaintenance - Issues & Challanges, was the first of eight planned in the fall with a focus on operations and maintenance technology.

- This is a way for us to disseminate our research and research results, and it will be a platform for discussions, says Uday Kumar, subject representatives in operation and maintenance.

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