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EISLAB Sensor Systems

Published: 29 September 2011

We develop both ultrasonic and optical sources and receivers for measuring surface geometry, position and velocity of solid objects, fluids, gases and suspensions. Research is also performed on measurements of temperature and pressure in fluids as well as concentration and physical properties of the constituents of suspensions. A particular focus is development of SPICE based simulation models for sensors which enables co-design of both sensor and electronics.

Signal processing, including image- and multidimensional signal processing, forms an integral part of our research to enable reliable measurements even under adverse signal/noise conditions.

Examples of current research projects are:

  • Systems based on ultrasound to measure properties of solids, gases and liquids.
  • Using sensors for remote visualization and estimation of important parameters for an autonomous system.
  • On Line Measurements of Size Distribution Using 3D Range Data.
  • Improvement in the heat energy measurement accurancy and in the diagnosing of a district heating substation.
  • Developing and investigating the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).
  • Research and develop new optoacoustical measurement techniques applied in determine properties of complex suspensions, such as paper pulp, blood, surface coatings etc..