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Electric Power Engineering

Published: 29 December 2011

The research subject Electric Power Engineering at Luleå University of Technology covers studies of sustainable systems for production of electrical energy, transport of electrical energy and the interaction between the power grid, electricity production and electricity consumption.

The Electric Power Engineering group at Luleå University of Technology is located at the Skellefteå Campus, about 150 km south of the main campus in Luleå. The group has a global reputation on power quality (the interaction between the grid and customers or equipment connected to the grid) and on the way in which new equipment affects the grid. The group is characterized by a large number of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers in relation to the number of academic staff. We aim at fostering and maintaining a multi-cultural group with strong gender equality values by recruiting the best people from anywhere in the world, but at the same time not losing the links with local Swedish society. See link below for an updated list of personnel.

The main drivers behind the research and education in this group are:

  • Contribute to solving the new challenges faced by the electric power system: the integration of renewable electricity production, energy-efficient forms of electricity consumption, increasing demand for transport capacity with short lead times.
  • Enhancing and maintaining the existing knowledge, even when subjects are temporarily out of fashion.
  • Contributing to the knowledge frontier by publishing in world-leading journals and presenting at world-leading conferences.
  • Spreading results from the research to non-academic stakeholders, like power industry, and by being a bridge between academia (theory) and industry (practice).

See the link below for more details on existing and closed projects.

To further spread and maintain power-engineering knowledge, Luleå University of technology started 2011 a Bachelor of Science programme (180 credits) in Electrical Power Engineering. This program is conducted together with Umeå University and Mid Sweden University and in close cooperation with the electric power industry in Sweden. The program is given as a distance program, where students can attend the courses from anywhere in the world. See link below for more details on this program.