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Photo: Pulpolux

Stochastic planning of smart electricity distribution networks

Published: 3 February 2014

Stochastic models will be developed for existing and future production and consumption connected to the electricity distribution network. Promising models and modelling methods will be selected from the literature and further developed using extensive measurements in the network in Sweden and in Spain.

The models will include variations over different time scales, from less than a second through seasonal variations, of active power, reactive power and harmonic emission. The models will be used for a number of planning exercises for realistic networks in Sweden and in Spain, where the aim will be to find a planning solution that is sufficiently-close to the optimal design. A number of performance indicators will be introduced to compare different planning alternatives. Next to the traditional power technology, smart-grid technology will be available as an alternative. Emphasis will be on the flexibility offered by certain types of smart-grid technology to cope with the uncertainty in future amounts and types of production and consumption.

Funding: Swedish research council and Skellefteå Kraft

Project participants: Manuel Alvarez, Math Bollen, Sarah Rönnberg, Jing Zhong

Cooperation: The University of Córdoba and The University of Hong Kong