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Vi studerar aspekter relaterat till energieffektivitet på komponent-, process- och systemnivå, med särskilt fokus på byggnader och industri.


Energy Efficient Buildings

Research field: Studies of energy efficiency in buildings, indoor climate using both experimental and numerical methods.
Research aims: Develop methods and knowledge to understand and reduce the energy use in buildings. Develop models to understand how indoor climate change with different buildings technique and heating systems.

Detailed modeling and simulation

Research field: Studies of components and processes using detailed models to understand, analyse and design the process/component.
Research aims: Develop detailed models of different processes/components to be able to create optimal designs.

Component Analysis

Research field: Study and analysis of different component for improved performance and energy efficiency. Example of component is flue gas cleaning equipment, heat recovery solutions and drying systems.
Research aims: Understand the components design and operational parameters and how these affect the performance and energy efficiency for the component.

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