Cloudberry PhD project: Data centers’ interaction with the national energy system

Publicerad: 12 maj 2019

A multidisciplinary PhD project involving various aspects of data centers interaction with the surrounding energy system, both as a consumer and producer, will be studied with regard to possible development options for data centers. The focus is both on the connection with the energy system, which is analyzed, among other things, using the national energy system optimization model TIMES-Sweden, and on developing an impact assessment of various potential development opportunities for data centers based on a large-socio-technical perspective.

The PhD project is part of the Cloudberry Datacenters - A Research Center. The purpose of Cloudberry is to develop new knowledge about energy and resource-efficient data centers by conducting high-quality research. The overall goal is to generate research results and knowledge that help to streamline energy use in data centers, reduce global carbon dioxide emissions and contribute to a more efficient energy system as a whole.

Funding: The Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten) and Region Norrbotten.
Partners: LTU (Energy Science and Political science)
Duration: 2018-2022
Contact persons: Anna Krook Riekkola