SURECITY – Sustainable and Resource Efficient Cities

Publicerad: 22 januari 2019

Holistic simulation and optimization for smart cities.

SURECITY’s mission is to support smart city level integration of policies and measures towards a low carbon energy system including mobility services

SURECITY team consist of energy system modelling experts with many years of experience in national analysis, which we within

SURECITY will make applicable at the local level.

SURECITY will contribute by developing a modelling tool that can support municipalities, government agencies, businesses and citizens to identify and analyse sustainable energy and transport strategies.

SURECITY modelling-tool aims to identify cost-efficient strategies and measures to reduce the cities' carbon dioxide emissions without affecting the ability to reach other
environmental (e.g. air quality).

SURECITY modelling-tool includes different options to meet the future needs of energyrelated goods and services, such as buildings’ heating & cooling and mobility services
(including bicycles).

Funding (LTU part): 1.6 MSEK, ERA-Net/Swedish Energy Agency
Partners: AIT, LTU, IVL, CENSE/NOVA, City of Malmö, City of Almada, City of
Judenburg, Styrian Energy Agency, Energia Lateral, Lda.
Duration: 2016-2018
Contact persons: Anna Krook Riekkola