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Toppbild TIMES-Sweden

TIMES – Comprehensive Energy System Modelling

The transition to a low carbon society is one of our greatest challenges. This will depend on both resource availability, technology development, economic development, policies in place as well as on our lifestyle and behaviour. Some of the key questions in order to achieve our goals concerns how to use limited resources efficiently and how to design efficient energy policies.

The TIMES group at LTU studies different aspects of the transition to a sustainable energy system.  We use different energy system optimisation models based on the TIMES modelling framework to explore different pathways for how the comprehensive energy system can evolve over time (20-50 years). We work both on a national level (TIMES-Sweden) and on a city level (a generic TIMES-City model). General information about the TIMES modelling framework and TIMES users can be found on the ETSAP webpage ( For specific information about the TIMES concept and theory look into the TIMES documentation Part I, by Loulou et al (2016).

Contact person: Anna Krook-Riekkola