Excel technology database for energy system models integrated with a TIMES SubRES structure

Publicerad: 12 maj 2019

AIM: To develop common ETSAP technology databases for energy system models that is integrated with a TIMES SubRES structure.

A project funded under The Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program (ETSAP), one of the Technology Collaboration Programme of the International Energy Agency (IEA), and carried out by researchers within the long-term energy system modelling community. More information about ETSAP: https://iea-etsap.org

Funding: ETSAP 82 000 €
Partners: LTU (project coordinator), E4SMA, IRENA, JRC Petten, DEA/Denmark, CSIRO/Australia, DTU/Denmark, IFE/Norway, UCC/Ireland, EIA/US, ESMIA
Duration: March 2019 – March 2020
Contact persons: Anna Krook-Riekkola