Forest biomass in metal industry – future possibilities and consequences (BioMetInd)

Publicerad: 22 januari 2019

Investigate possibilities for Swedish mining and metallurgical industry to use forest biomass to reduce CO2 emissions, in a system where the same limited biomass resources are also used by other sectors to reduce climate impact

Identify and quantify biomass-based technologies and concepts for the industry

Regional price-determining market model for forest biomass markets to analyze priceaffecting local and regional market changes

Analyze trade-offs between using forest biomass in metal industry and other sectors

Evaluate the CO2 benefits compared to other large-scale biomass use

Analyze impacts of different policy instruments and technology development

Funding: Swedish Energy Agency, Bio4Energy (7 MSEK)
Partners: LTU (ET+NEK), Swerea MEFOS, Metergi, SSAB, Outokompu, Höganäs, Ovako, Sveaskog
Duration: 2016-2019
Contact persons: Elisabeth Wetterlund, Andrea Toffolo, Chinedu Nwachukwu, Joakim Lundgren, Robert Lundmark (LTU NEK), Chuan Wang (Swerea MEFOS)