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Developing neoteric ionic liquids for enhancing biomass gasification to produce purified bio-syngas

Published: 21 January 2019

• Design and synthesize novel ILs combined with functionalization and cosolvent-addition.
• Study the biomass preprocessing to provide less recalcitrant and more suitable raw material for the gasification
• Testing gasification performance with pretreated biomass and characterize gasification performance at different operating conditions
• Testing the absorption capacity/selectivity and absorption/desorption rate for CO2 and H2S in the solvents as well as their stability.
• Develop a theoretical model to describe the properties and reveal the underlying mechanisms, providing theoretical guidelines for further synthesis of new solvents.
Funding: Bio4Energy strategic project
Partners: LTU Energy Engineering, UmU, SP-ETC, SLU
Duration: 2016-2019
Contact persons: Xiaoyan Ji (LTU), Jyri-Pekke Mikkola (UmU), Fredrik Weiland (SP-ETC), Torbjörn Lestander (SLU)