Hydrated Ionic Liquids and Their Mixtures: From Chemical Storage and CO2MICALS to Biomacromolecules

Publicerad: 21 januari 2019

• Develop new hydrated ionic liquids, their mixtures (MIXILs), thus IL-brine systems;
• Characterize properties to provide understanding on the underlying mechanisms and modeling properties for design of MIXILs as an ‘enabler’ technology in CO2 capture;
• Utilize hydrated IL and MIXIL systems in a) dissolution of biomacromolecules; b)
CO2 capture and conversion and c) chemical energy storage by facilitating the synthesis of CO2 derived chemicals and fuels;
• Synthesize (industrially) important CO2-derived chemicals and biomacromolecule derivatives via processing of cellulosic biomass and study of protein/enzyme systems in hydrated IL environments.
Funding: Swedish Research Council
Partners: UmU, LTU Energy Engineering
Duration: 2017-2020
Contact persons: Jyri-Pekke Mikkola (UmU), Xiaoyan Ji (LTU)