Techno-economic-environment database to identify a climate neutral process industry

Publicerad: 12 maj 2019

This project aims at taking a holistic approach when identifying cost-efficient industrial pathways for Sweden to become CO2 neutral. This implies looking at the process industry in detail while at the same time consider the comprehensive energy system.

TIMES-Sweden has a detailed representation of both supply (elc, DH, biofuel etc) and demand sectors (industries, transports etc) and can identify cost-efficient technology pathways to meet environmental targets, thus a model exist that can facilitate this analysis. Nevertheless, the model will not be able to identify technology options that is not included, and if data is poor-the analysis will be poor.

To facilitate this we will; 1) identify techno-economic & environmental data of low-carbon technologies and CO2-capturing within the process industry (some data exist in the literature, but some need to be simulated), 2) compile into a database, 3) run TIMES-Sweden with the database to identify critical technologies for carbon neutrality.

Funding: Swedish Energy Agency (LTU 3.3 out of 4.8 MSEK)
Partners: LTU, IVL
Duration: 2017-2019
Contact persons: Anna Krook Riekkola