Advanced adjustable grate solutions for flexible biomass combustion technologies (GreatAdvance)

Published: 21 January 2019

• Low temperatures in the fuel bed and well-directed air supply in the combustion zone are crucial factors in order to reduce slag formation and minimize the release of PM emissions.
• Due to variations in fuel properties – the ash content in particular – biomass fuels considerably influence the conditions in the fuel bed.
• Flexibly adjustable grate systems are therefore major prerequisites
for combustion systems that can be operated with different types of biomass.
• In the project knowledge on ash transformation and modeling of the process and particle movement in packed beds is gained.
• Results are implemented in technology development and
optimization of three particular combustion systems (100-300 kW).
• Funding: ERA-NET Bioenergy (1,1 MEuro in total)
• Partners: Bioenergy 2020+ (project leader), TUG, Verenum, LTU, UmU, LUAS, Schmid, Ligno
• Duration: 2016-2019
• Contact persons at LTU: Marcus Öhman, Ali Hedayati