Clean and flexible use of new difficult biomass fuels in small to medium-scale combustion (BIOFLEX)

Published: 21 January 2019

• Small to medium scale combustion plants are destined to grow in importance in a future decentralized, sustainable European energy supply scenario.
• The flexible utilization of new, “difficult” biomass fuels in these plants is one of the major challenges for the coming years.
• The overall objective is to increase fuel flexibility and innovation potential for the use of more difficult solid biomass fuels in these combustion systems
• Specific aims are to develop and implement: i) fuel- and combustion system design related measures making the clean and efficient utilization of “difficult” biomass, and ii) guidelines for the design of appropriate low emission combustion technologies and for appropriate fuel design of the identified fuels.
• Funding: ERA-NET Bioenergy (1,6 MEuro in total)
• Partners: SP-Rise (project leader), LTU, UmU, Chalmers, Opcon AB, TFZ, AMANDUS KAHL, Inst. of Power Eng., BTI, BIOS, POLYTECHNIK, KWB
• Duration: 2016-2019
• Contact persons at LTU: Marcus Öhman