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Co-production of high-quality silicon components, heat & power from ash-rich biomass via novel therm

Published: 21 January 2019

• The world market for special silica (SiO2) products and related derivatives is growing rapidly, especially considering their utilization in devices for energy conversion and storage
• SiO2 synthesis is expensive, energy-demanding, and hazardous to the environment. It can thus be motivated to pursue and develop more sustainable production routes based on biogenic Si
• The purpose of this research is to investigate the opportunities to develop the thermochemical (combustion/gasification) process, in order to (i) extract Si components from the hot gases, which can be used efficiently in advanced material applications, e.g., in batteries and as raw material for solar cells, and (ii) avoid severe ash related problems in the combustion/gasification process

Funding: Swedish Energy Agency

Partners: LTU Energy Eng., RISE, Norrenergi (producer of heat and power), WTS (supplier of combustion technology), Meva Energy (supplier of gasification technology)

Duration: 2020-22

Contact persons at LTU: Marcus Öhman (LTU-Energy Eng.)