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DFB waste and residue gasification to valuable end products (Waste2Value)

Publicerad: 21 januari 2019

Background & Objectives
• Erection and commissioning of a 1 MW pilot-scale DFB gasification plant including a Fischer-Topsch synthesis pilot-plant based on sewage sludge and plastic waste as feedstock
• Operation of the full process chain for production of high-valuable end products (waxes, chemicals, FT-fuel, jet-fuel, P-recovery, etc.)
• The main aim of this project is shifting the possible feedstock range from woody biomass to more difficult feedstocks (biogenic residues, wastes from different sources, e.g., sewage sludge, as well as mixtures of those).
• LTU contributes with expertise in the ash chemistry field, especially regarding ash-bed material interactions and phosphorus-recovery from sewage sludge in the DFB process.

Funding: Austrian COMET program and partners (tot. 8,8 MEuro)

Partners: BEST Austria, TU Wien, LTU, Wien Energie, Heinzel Paper, SMS Group, Wiener Linien, Wiener Netze, Österreichische Bundesforste.

Duration: 2019-2022

Contact: Markus Luisser, Matthias Kuba BEST, at LTU: Marcus Öhman