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evelopment of optimal regulation for efficient combustion of ash rich biomass II

Published: 21 January 2019

• The project aims at improving the efficiency of the conversion step in the fuel chain - to expand the raw material base with ash-rich fuels.
• A previously defined conceptual ash-transformation model will be developed further by adapting it to specific combustion plants.
• The project is part of a larger VINNOVA financed Sweden-China collaboration titled "To develop high energy efficiency and small-scale bioenergy combine in Jilin: Innovation and Demonstration”
• Funding: Phase II STEM (% MSEK), Phase I STEM, VINNOVA (10+6 MSEK in total)
• Partners: Sweden: e.g. SLU, BioSteam, LTU, UmU; China: e.g. CAU, Great resources, IFIP
• Duration: Phase II 2018-2021, Phase I 2012-2017 (R&D phase)
• Contact persons: SLU (Shaojun Xiong, coordinator), at LTU: Marcus Öhman, Joel Falk (LTU-Energy eng.), Thomas Gustavsson LTU-Process control, at UmU: Dan Boström