Efficient and sustainable phosphorus recovery through thermo-chemical conversion of sludge

Publicerad: 21 januari 2019

• In order to increase the use of sludge's as fertilizer, thermo-chemical processes may be used.
• Positive effects arising from these processes include energy recovery, thermal destruction of pathogens and pharmaceutical residues as well as possible separation and removal of elements that are harmful to the environment.
• The overall aim of the proposed project is to improve the performance of P recovery by thermal conversion of sludge's.
• The knowledge that is generated in this project will be used as a basis to determine suitable fuel pre-treatment/blending and thermal process conditions to improve the performance of P recovery via thermal conversion of sludge's.
• Funding: Swedish Research Council Formas (3,2 MSEK)
• Partners: LTU Energy Eng., LTU Waste tech., UmU-TEC lab.
• Duration: 2016-2019
• Contact persons: Gustav Häggström (LTU), Marcus Öhman (LTU), Anders Lagerkvist (LTU, Nils Skoglund (UmU)