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Formation of plant-available phosphates in thermochemical conversion of biomass and waste streams

Published: 21 January 2019

Currently the majority of P is mined from depleting ore resources. It is therefore important to recover the P contained in anthropogenic systems.
• One source of P is the sludge from waste- and industrial water treatment plants.
• Introduction of sludge to thermal conversion plants as a fuel present the opportunity for recovery of P and synergetic positive effects with problematic fuels.
• The research objectives are to i) elucidate the critical ash transformation reactions that lead to the formation of interesting plant-available phosphates, and ii) determine the possibility to modify and design phosphorus and potassium mineralization in the generated ash fractions.
• Funding: Swedish Research Council (3,2 MSEK)
• Partners: LTU Energy Eng., LTU Waste tech., UmU-TEC lab.
• Duration: 2017-2020
• Contact persons: Marcus Öhman (LTU), Anders Lagerkvist (LTU, Nils Skoglund (UmU)