Slag formation in grate-kiln system II

Published: 21 January 2019

• LKAB has four pelletizing plants of grate-kiln system in Kiruna.
• Slag formation causes production disturbance, damages to equipments and affects the product quality of iron ore pellets.
• The aim of the project is therefore to:
i) Clarify mechanisms of slag formation in grate-kiln system (i.e. determine the critical sub-processes) (lic.)
ii) Describe critical sub-processes in different models/ slag forming criteria which then can be used for CFD-modelling of the process (lic-Dr).
iii) Through i) and ii) propose possible solution to reduce slag formation by improving the process (e.g. change of coal type as fuel, optimal combustion properties)
• Funding: LKAB (2,1 MSEK), LTU (1,9 MSEK)
• Partner: LTU Energy Engineering, LKAB, ETC
• Duration: 2014-2019
• Contact persons: Hamid Sefidari, Marcus Öhman, Bo Lindblom (LKAB), Henrik Wiinikka (ETC)