Thermal gasification of low grade residues for the production of resources and energy (VergRestWert)

Published: 21 January 2019

• Wood gasification in dual fluidized (olivine) bed systems is an established technology applied in e.g. Güssing (8 MWth), Oberwart (8.5 MWth).
• Using cheaper fuels with lower ash melting behavior, e.g. P-rich chicken manure, is potentially possible because a large proportion of the inorganic matter is already removed from the process with the char after the gasifier and is not introduced into the combustion chamber.
• Replacement of olivine with a non-heavy-metal-containing mineral will potentially reduce bed material costs and costs for disposal of the ash. In addition the ash from the gasifier may be used as "BioChar* when using P-rich biomass fuels.
• Aims of the project: i) Reduction of operation costs by using an alternative bed material, ii) Reduction of fuel costs by the utilization of cheaper fuels (chicken litter), and iii) Keeping the natural nutrient cycle by recycling of the disposal products fly char (BioChar) and/or ash.
• Funding: Austrian National Funding – Energieforschung (0,82 MEuro in total)
• Partners: Bioenergy 2020+ (project leader), TU Wien, Repotec, LTU, UmU
• Duration: 2016-2019
• Contact persons at LTU: Marcus Öhman, Gustav Häggström