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bed particle layer characteristics for the next generation of FBC/FBG

Publicerad: 21 januari 2019

• One of the most promising thermochemical conversion technologies for biomass fuels is based on fluidized bed combustion (FBC) or gasification (FBG).
• Agglomeration of bed particles, bed material deposition, as well as fouling of heat exchanger and catalyst surfaces often cause significant operating problems, which has been identified as one of the major difficulties to overcome in FBC and FBG of biomass.
• To address this, the overall aim of this project is to design bed particle layers that 1) reduce the risk for bed agglomeration, bed material deposition and fouling in FBC/FBG of biomass fuels, and 2) provide a positive catalytic influence on internal tar reforming and thus increasing the quality of the raw syngas in the FBG process.
• Funding: Swedish Energy Agency/Swedish Research Council (5 MSEK)
• Partners: LTU, UmU
• Duration: 2019-2023
• Contact persons: Marcus Öhman LTU, Nils Skoglund UmU