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Thermochemical conversion processes

The research is targeted at production of fuels, materials, electricity and heat through combustion, gasification and pyrolysis of fuels.

Competence areas:

Fuel conversion

Research field: Conversion of solid fuels during thermochemical conversion processes. Transport phenomena inside fuel particles, and product distribution and characterization (oil, tar, soot, and char).
Research aims: To understand and predict fuel conversion kinetics, to avoid problems related to unconverted fuels, to maximize the desired product yields and properties dependent on the technical applications, and to develop high-fidelity sub-models for CFD simulation.

Ash Transformation and Reactions/Emissions

Research field: Studies of the behaviour of ash forming elements/ash forming matter in thermochemical conversion processes (e.g. ash- and particle formation/- emissions, bed agglomeration, fouling). 
Research aims: To understand, predict and avoid ash related problems in thermochemical conversion processes as well as suggest processes for production of more useful ashes (e.g. nutrients, construction materials)

Reacting Multi-Phase Flow 

Research field: Studies of multi-phase, turbulent reacting flow in thermo-chemical conversion processes (e.g. entrained flow gasification, powder combustion and heat exchangers). Assessment of submodels for particle transport, turbulent, reactions etc. 
Research aims: To develop models that can be used for optimisation and trouble shooting of industrial scale thermochemical conversion processes as well as for developing new processes. To perform advanced experiments that can complement the theoretical models.

Advanced experimental methods 

Research field: Laser heating, laser diagnosis, particle-, gaseous- and deposit measurements. Advanced experiments in lab-, bench-, pilot- and full-scale FB’s-, fixed bed’s- and powder/entrained flow- combustors and gasifiers. You find more information about our lab equipments below the headline "Laboratories and equipment" in the left column.
Research aims: To support the research activities of thermochemical conversion processes (e.g. pyrolysis , gasification and combustion) with advanced techniques and experimental methods.

Ongoing projects/program