The Swedish City's transition to a Sustainable Energy System

Publicerad: 12 maj 2019

Energy system models can support the energy transition to a more sustainable energy system, by supporting WHAT is required (energy resources and technology), WHERE in the energy system (in which sectors and for what purposes) and WHEN (in which order). Working with model creates good system understanding. However, models are extremely complex and require expert competence.

The main aim is therefore to identify if/how system understanding from the models can reach those who work with the transformation in practice. The purpose is fulfilled by allowing politicians and officials at local level to learn from different types of material (report, lecture, lab material), to investigate which form of communication that provides the best system understanding. We also explore if system understanding increases if the illustrated city is the practitioners’ own.

We use Gällivare and Malmö as Case studies.

Funding: The Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndighetens forskningsprogram MESAM - Människa Energi och SAMhälle) (5.5 MSEK total)
Partners: LTU (Energy Science and Political science)
Duration: 2018-2020
Contact persons: Anna Krook Riekkola