Urban Refinery – Making use of the useless (FoES18)

Publicerad: 12 maj 2019

Targets how existing infrastructure for waste management can be utilised more efficiently.

Interaction between thermal and biological waste treatment to achieve production of new materials from wastes, reduced use of primary resources, increased overall energy efficiency and improved economic performance of waste treatment

Three PhD students
- Biological waste treatment, process integration, environmental performance (LTU Waste)

- Thermochemical conversion, process integration, techno-economic performance (LTU ET)

- Actors, markets, decision makers, implementability (LiU TemaT)

Funding: Swedish Energy Agency (tot 14 MSEK)
Partners: LTU Waste Science and Technology, LiU Tema Technology and Social Change
Duration: 2018-2022
Contact persons: Elisabeth Wetterlund, Marcus Öhman, Marzieh Bagheri