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Laboratory of energy conversion processes (ECO-lab)

Laboratory of energy conversion processes (ECO-lab) is being developed at the Division of Energy Sciences, LTU to elucidate fundamental aspects of biomass combustion and gasification for supporting R&D activities at industrial scale. Although thermochemical conversion of biomass is a technology as old as the existence of human being, phenomena that occur during conversion are still not understood well, mainly because of its complicated, multi-physical and multi-scale feature.


E631A (see on map)


Detailed information of the equipment can be found from the links below. The equipment are categorized into three groups


The development of ECO-lab was initiated in 2012/2013 when approximately 5.5 MSEK was invested by several funding bodies. Since then, the laboratory is slowly expanding.

• LTU laboratory fund
• Kempe Foundation
• Swedish Energy Agency (PEBG II project)
• Bio4Energy (National Strategic Research Environment)
• Solander Science Park
• Nordic Energy (Nordsyngas project)
• Swedish Research Council
• Internal funding


Kentaro Umeki

Umeki, Kentaro - Professor

Organisation: Energy Engineering, Energy Science, Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
Phone: +46 (0)920 492484