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Energetic HET-day

Published: 12 December 2014

The MSc Programme in Sustainable Energy Engineering held its annual HET-day with inspiring presentations from both students and business representatives.

The annual HET-day had a packed schedule with energy and sustainability in focus. During the morning, the students presented their work in the energy engineering main course with solutions to real problems in the industry. One of the groups tested a different approach by faking a miserable start of the presentation. Memorable, but it remains to be seen if the examiner enjoyed the show.

Dean Ylva Fältholm began the afternoon session by saying that she was part of the decision to start a civil engineer program in sustainable energy engineering. She also emphasized how important the education is, and made a connection to the university's vision to develop a sustainable society. She also mentioned the possibility of continuing as a graduate student, a career path she chose herself.

The HET-day was also attended by representatives from several companies, including the recent alumnus Tommy Roos from Sweco. He talked about how he went about to find a position, and that he actually had three job offers to choose from. When asked how companies view  the relatively new education sustainable energy technologies, Tommy sayd that companies need their competence, but that students, when they come in contact with potential employers, might have to promote the education.

– The largest differences in working compared to study at the university is that it is now longer days and not as "social" as when I was studying. Take the opportunity to build your network now. One advantage of working is that you can take time off in the evenings and weekends, and it is of course nice with a salary, real nice, says Tommy Roos.

Also Swerea Mefos, LKAB, ETC, SSAB and Luleå Energi presented their activities and opportunities for jobs and thesis. the HET-day ended with dinner and entertainment at STUK.