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Photo: Per Pettersson
Erik Elfgren and Ulrika Bergmark were awarded for their educational efforts by Johan Sterte. Photo: Per Pettersson

Committed teachers praised

Published: 11 November 2014

At the academic celebration Ulrika Bergmark, Associate Professor of Education, and Erik Elfgren, Senior Lecturer of energy technology, were awarded for their educational efforts.
– I feel happy about recieving the price, but even happier to have the privilege to teach subjects that I love to students who appreciate it, says Erik Elfgren.

Ulrika Bergmark, Associate Professor of Education at Luleå University of Technology

There were two happy researchers who received the Luleå University of Technologies price for excellent efforts for the benefit of education at the undergraduate and graduate levels from Vice-Chancellor John Sterte during the academic celebration.

– I feel really honored! This is a visible result of my efforts to provide students with a quality education, says Ulrika Bergmark.

Both she and Erik Elfgren highlighted the meeting with the students and the enthusiasm and curiosity that they show as one of the most positive things about teaching. Both have also worked actively to improve teaching.

Erik Elfgren, Senior Lecturer, Luleå University of Technology Photo: Ted Karlsson

– We coordinate our labs and lessons so that students get an equal education, but this is something we could develop more. Physics 3 har dozens of teachers every year, one or two of them are often new to the teaching role. I've developed a written teacher's guide that will help us to maintain a steady level, says Erik Elfgren.

Ulrika Bergmark works to increase student participation. In recent years, she has invited the students to plan courses, formulating course assignments and create grading criteria based on course objectives.

– I have also used the student active work of teaching, such as role-play based on the students' own case, illustrations of course content through image or photograph, panel discussions, student-led activities in lessons and even a study group work outside of class.

Contact persons

Erik Elfgren

Erik Elfgren, Associate Professor, Distinguished University Teacher

Phone: +46 (0)920 492056
Organisation: Energy Engineering, Energy Science, Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
Ulrika Bergmark

Ulrika Bergmark, Professor, Distinguished University Teacher

Phone: +46 (0)920 491036
Organisation: Education, Education and Languages, Department of Health, Education and Technology