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Rikard Gebart, scientific leader of Renewable Energy - one of LTU's Areas of excellence in research and innovation.

Aims for innovative research of international excellence

Published: 15 May 2013

Rikard Gebart is the scientific leader of Renewable energy, one of LTU's areas of excellence in research and innovation. He wants to further develop research where LTU should be strong and can make a difference and to allow scientists to try untested ideas. This will hopefully attract research funding and strengthen the field of research.

– Now I hope to find people who have gone and figured on a great idea but need support to cross the first threshold, says Rikard Gebart. We look for great ideas that match the national objectives in the energy sector and has the potential that will lead to new services or products. To be able to try those ideas, even if there is a risk that it fails completely, is important and we can also offer starting grant.

– I believe in encouraging businesses to connect with LTU by acting "postmaster", form groups to exchange information and get ideas on areas where LTU researchers can collaborate, keep abreast of trends, etc, says Rikard Gebart. He thinks that the interdisciplinary approach in energy research can attract businesses and increase their interest to cooperate.

– Before the summer, I will invite anyone who may be interested in developing new, innovative solutions for renewable energy. It is really exciting to help pinpoint areas for development. Hopefully, my experience of developing new areas of research in hydropower and bioenergy bring something positive. Renewable energy is a broad concept, and my ambition is to seek new opportunities for LTU to achieve international excellence while we of course will nurture the areas where we are already strong.

Source: LTU Review, no. 7, 2013