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Molar enthalpy of mixing and refractive indices of choline chloride-based deep eutectic solvents with water (2017)

Ma. C, Guo. Y, Li. D, Zong. J, Ji. X, Liu. C
Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, ISSN: 0021-9614, Vol. 105, s. 30-36
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A Wavelet-Modified ESPRIT Hybrid Method for Assessment of Spectral Components from 0 to 150 kHz (2017)

Alfieri. L, Bracale. A, Carpinelli. G, Larsson. A
Energies, ISSN: 1996-1073, Vol. 10, nr. 1
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Dynamic modelling for the hot blast stove (2017)

Zetterholm. J, Ji. X, Sundelin. B, Martin. P, Wang. C
Applied Energy, ISSN: 0306-2619, Vol. 185, nr. 2, s. 2142-2150
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Design of performance-based frequency regulation market and its implementations in real-time operation (2017)

Wang. Z, Zhong. J, Li. J
International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, ISSN: 0142-0615, Vol. 87, s. 187-197
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Carbon Dioxide Capture with Ionic Liquids and Deep Eutectic Solvents (2017)

Sarmad. S, Mikkola. J, Ji. X
Ingår i: ChemSusChem, 1864-5631
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Dusty globules in the Crab Nebula (2017)

Grenman. T, Gahm. G, Elfgren. E
Astronomy and Astrophysics, ISSN: 0004-6361, Vol. 599
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Co-gasification of black liquor and pyrolysis oil at high temperature (2017)

Bach Oller. A, Kirtania. K, Furusjö. E, Umeki. K
Fuel, ISSN: 0016-2361, Vol. 197, s. 240-247
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Modeling, simulation and evaluation of biogas upgrading using aqueous choline chloride/urea (2017)

Ma. C, Xie. Y, Ji. X, Liu. C, Lu. X
Applied Energy, ISSN: 0306-2619
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Calcium oxide as an additive for both conservation and improvement of the combustion properties of energy grass (2017)

Xiong. S, Bozaghian. M, Lestander. T, Samuelsson. R, Hellqvist. S, Öhman. M
Biomass and Bioenergy, ISSN: 0961-9534, Vol. 99, s. 1-10
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Fuel Indices for Estimation of Slagging of Phosphorus-Poor Biomass in Fixed Bed Combustion (2017)

Näzelius. I, Boström. D, Rebbing. A, Boman. C, Öhman. M
Energy & Fuels, ISSN: 0887-0624, Vol. 31, nr. 1, s. 904-915
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Modeling the influence of potassium content and heating rate on biomass pyrolysis (2017)

Trubetskaya. A, Surup. G, Shapiro. A, Bates. R
Applied Energy, ISSN: 0306-2619, Vol. 194, s. 199-211