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Ash Transformation during Single-Pellet Combustion of Agricultural Biomass with a Focus on Potassium and Phosphorus (2021)

Hedayati. A, Lindgren. R, Skoglund. N, Boman. C, Kienzl. N, Öhman. M
Energy & Fuels
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Data center heated greenhouses, a matter for enhanced food self-sufficiency in sub-arctic regions (2021)

Ljungqvist. H, Mattsson. L, Risberg. M, Vesterlund. M
Energy, Vol. 215, nr. Part B
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Effect of calcium dispersion and graphitization during high-temperature pyrolysis of beech wood char on the gasification rate with CO2 (2021)

Schneider. C, Walker. S, Phounglamcheik. A, Umeki. K, Kolb. T
Fuel, Vol. 283
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Kinetics study and performance comparison of CO2 separation using aqueous choline-amino acid solutions (2021)

Chen. Y, Li. B, Wu. J, Yang. Z, Lu. X, Ji. X
Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 261
Artikel, forskningsöversikt

Mesoscience in Supported Nano-metal Catalysts based on Molecular Thermodynamic Modeling (2021)

A Mini Review and Perspective
Wu. N, Ji. X, Li. L, Zhu. J, Lu. X
Ingår i: Chemical Engineering Science
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Molecular insight into flow resistance of choline chloride/urea confined in ionic model nanoslits (2021)

Zhang. Y, You. Y, Gao. Q, Zhang. C, Wang. S, Qin. Y, et al.
Fluid Phase Equilibria, Vol. 533
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Spatial distribution of metallic heteroatoms in soot nanostructure mapped by aberration-corrected STEM-EELS (2021)

Wiinikka. H, Hage. F, Ramasse. Q, Toth. P
Carbon, Vol. 173, s. 953-967
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Stronger together (2021)

Multi-annual variability of hydrogen production supported by wind power in Sweden
Mikovits. C, Wetterlund. E, Wehrle. S, Baumgartner. J, Schmidt. J
Applied Energy, Vol. 282, Part B
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Supercritical extraction and microwave activation of wood wastes for enhanced syngas production and generation of fullerene-like soot particles (2021)

Trubetskaya. A, Hunt. A, Budarin. V, Attard. T, Kling. J, Surup. G, et al.
Fuel processing technology, Vol. 212
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Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Excess Thermodynamic Properties of Highly Nonideal Liquid Mixtures of Butanol Isomers + DBE (2021)

de Villiers Engelbrecht. L, Farris. R, Vasiliu. T, Demurtas. M, Piras. A, Cesare Marincola. F, et al.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B
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Thermodynamic analysis and modification of Gibbs–Thomson equation for melting point depression of metal nanoparticles (2021)

Wu. N, Lu. X, An. R, Ji. X
Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering