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Biomass-based gas use in Swedish iron and steel industry (2020)

Supply chain and process integration considerations
Nwachukwu. C, Toffolo. A, Wetterlund. E
Renewable energy, Vol. 146, s. 2797-2811
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CO2 separation using a hybrid choline-2-pyrrolidine-carboxylic acid/polyethylene glycol/water absorbent (2020)

Chen. Y, Sun. Y, Yang. Z, Lu. X, Ji. X
Applied Energy, Vol. 257
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Off-gassing reduction of stored wood pellets by adding acetylsalicylic acid (2020)

Sedlmayer. I, Bauer-Emhofer. W, Haslinger. W, Hofbauer. H, Schmidl. C, Wopienka. E
Fuel processing technology, Vol. 198
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Prediction of fast pyrolysis products yields using lignocellulosic compounds and ash contents (2020)

Trubetskaya. A, Timko. M, Umeki. K
Applied Energy, Vol. 257
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The effect of co-firing coal and woody biomass upon the slagging/deposition tendency in iron-ore pelletizing grate-kiln plants (2020)

Sefidari. H, Ma. C, Fredriksson. C, Lindblom. B, Wiinikka. H, Nordin. L, et al.
Fuel processing technology, Vol. 199
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Thermodynamic study on aqueous polyethylene glycol 200 solution and performance assessment for CO2 separation (2020)

Chen. Y, Ma. C, Ji. X, Yang. Z, Lu. X
Fluid Phase Equilibria, Vol. 504
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A bottom-up study of biomass and electricity use in a fossil free Swedish industry (2019)

Sandberg. E, Toffolo. A, Krook-Riekkola. A
Energy, Vol. 167, s. 1019-1030
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A new perspective on global renewable energy systems (2019)

why trade in energy carriers matters
Schmidt. J, Gruber. K, Klingler. M, Klöckl. C, Camargo. L, Regner. P, et al.
Energy & Environmental Science, Vol. 12, nr. 7, s. 2022-2029
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A practical tool to generate complex energy system configurations based on the synthsep methodology (2019)

Toffolo. A, Lazzaretto. A
International Journal of Thermodynamics, Vol. 22, nr. 1, s. 45-53
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A Shortcut Method to Predict Particle Size Changes during Char Combustion and Gasification under regime II Conditions (2019)

Kreitzberg. T, Phounglamcheik. A, Haugen. N, Kneer. R, Umeki. K
Combustion Science and Technology
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Achieving carbon-neutral iron and steelmaking in Europe through the deployment of bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (2019)

Mandova. H, Patrizio. P, Leduc. S, Kjärstad. J, Wang. C, Wetterlund. E, et al.
Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 218, s. 118-129