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Artiklar, rapporter, m.m.

Publications at Energy Engineering

Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary

CFD Modelling of Hydrogen Rich Biomass Syngas Combustion (2024)

Papafilippou. N
Article in journal

Developing aqueous porous carbons for biogas upgrading (2024)

Chen. Y, Li. B, Wang. A, Wang. K, Xie. J, Sun. K, et al.
Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 329
Article in journal

Development and evaluation of a vision driven sensor for estimating fuel feeding rates in combustion and gasification processes (2024)

Ögren. Y, Sepman. A, Fooladgar. E, Weiland. F, Wiinikka. H
Energy and AI, Vol. 15
Article in journal

Effect of operation conditions on particulate matter removal by a packed-bed wet scrubber for a small-scale biofuel boiler (2024)

Darbandi. T, Risberg. M, Westerlund. L
Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, Vol. 47
Chapter in book

Hierarchical Multiscale Modeling Through Inverse Problem Solving (2024)

Lyubartsev. A, Laaksonen. A
Part of: Comprehensive Computational Chemistry
Article in journal

Role of surface morphology in bed particle layer formation on quartz bed particles in fluidized bed combustion of woody biomass (2024)

Valizadeh. A, Skoglund. N, Forsberg. F, Lycksam. H, Öhman. M
Fuel, Vol. 357, nr. part A
Chapter in book

Section Introduction (2024)

Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Reaction Rates
Laaksonen. A, Mocci. F
Part of: Comprehensive Computational Chemistry
Conference paper

A Comprehensive Approach for Gearbox Fault Detection and Diagnosis Using Sequential Neural Networks (2023)

Sobha. P, Xavier. M, Chandran. P
Part of: 2023 IEEE International Conference on Prognostics and Health Management, ICPHM 2023, s. 180-185, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2023