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Publications at Energy Engineering

Article in journal

Ash Transformation during Single-Pellet Combustion of Agricultural Biomass with a Focus on Potassium and Phosphorus (2021)

Hedayati. A, Lindgren. R, Skoglund. N, Boman. C, Kienzl. N, Öhman. M
Energy & Fuels
Article in journal

Data center heated greenhouses, a matter for enhanced food self-sufficiency in sub-arctic regions (2021)

Ljungqvist. H, Mattsson. L, Risberg. M, Vesterlund. M
Energy, Vol. 215, nr. Part B
Article in journal

Effect of calcium dispersion and graphitization during high-temperature pyrolysis of beech wood char on the gasification rate with CO2 (2021)

Schneider. C, Walker. S, Phounglamcheik. A, Umeki. K, Kolb. T
Fuel, Vol. 283
Article in journal

Kinetics study and performance comparison of CO2 separation using aqueous choline-amino acid solutions (2021)

Chen. Y, Li. B, Wu. J, Yang. Z, Lu. X, Ji. X
Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 261
Article, review/survey

Mesoscience in Supported Nano-metal Catalysts based on Molecular Thermodynamic Modeling (2021)

A Mini Review and Perspective
Wu. N, Ji. X, Li. L, Zhu. J, Lu. X
Part of: Chemical Engineering Science
Article in journal

Molecular insight into flow resistance of choline chloride/urea confined in ionic model nanoslits (2021)

Zhang. Y, You. Y, Gao. Q, Zhang. C, Wang. S, Qin. Y, et al.
Fluid Phase Equilibria, Vol. 533
Article in journal

Spatial distribution of metallic heteroatoms in soot nanostructure mapped by aberration-corrected STEM-EELS (2021)

Wiinikka. H, Hage. F, Ramasse. Q, Toth. P
Carbon, Vol. 173, s. 953-967
Article in journal

Stronger together (2021)

Multi-annual variability of hydrogen production supported by wind power in Sweden
Mikovits. C, Wetterlund. E, Wehrle. S, Baumgartner. J, Schmidt. J
Applied Energy, Vol. 282, Part B
Article in journal

Supercritical extraction and microwave activation of wood wastes for enhanced syngas production and generation of fullerene-like soot particles (2021)

Trubetskaya. A, Hunt. A, Budarin. V, Attard. T, Kling. J, Surup. G, et al.
Fuel processing technology, Vol. 212
Article in journal

Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Excess Thermodynamic Properties of Highly Nonideal Liquid Mixtures of Butanol Isomers + DBE (2021)

de Villiers Engelbrecht. L, Farris. R, Vasiliu. T, Demurtas. M, Piras. A, Cesare Marincola. F, et al.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B
Article in journal

Thermodynamic analysis and modification of Gibbs–Thomson equation for melting point depression of metal nanoparticles (2021)

Wu. N, Lu. X, An. R, Ji. X
Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering