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Publications at Energy Engineering

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A computational study of water in UiO‐66 Zr‐MOFs (2021)

Diffusion, hydrogen bonding network, and confinement effect
Wang. S, Zhou. G, Sun. Y, Huang. L
AIChE Journal, Vol. 67, nr. 3
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Accelerate the ePC-SAFT-DFT Calculation with the Chebyshev Pseudospectral Collocation Method (2021)

Sun. Y, Lu. X, Shen. G, Ji. X
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol. 60, nr. 25, s. 9269-9285
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Application and Challenge of Ionic Liquids as Co-solvent for Electro-enzymatic Conversion of CO2 to Methanol (2021)

Zhang. Z, Li. F, Bai. Y, Nie. Y, Ji. X, Zhang. x
Proceedings of the Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering, Vol. 41, nr. 11, s. 3657-3665
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Ash Transformation during Single-Pellet Combustion of Agricultural Biomass with a Focus on Potassium and Phosphorus (2021)

Hedayati. A, Lindgren. R, Skoglund. N, Boman. C, Kienzl. N, Öhman. M
Energy & Fuels, Vol. 35, nr. 2, s. 1449-1464
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Ash transformation during single-pellet gasification of agricultural biomass with focus on potassium and phosphorus (2021)

Hedayati. A, Sefidari. H, Boman. C, Skoglund. N, Kienzl. N, Öhman. M
Fuel processing technology, Vol. 217
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Catalytic effects of inherent AAEM on char gasification (2021)

A mechanism study using in-situ Raman
Yu. J, Xia. W, Areeprasertc. C, Ding. L, Umeki. K, Yu. G
Article in journal

Catalytic hydrothermal liquefaction of biomass with K2CO3 for production of gasification feedstock (2021)

Hardi. F, Furusjö. E, Kirtania. K, Imai. A, Umeki. K, Yoshikawa. K
Biofuels, Vol. 12, nr. 2, s. 149-160
Article in journal

CFD modeling of the forces in the wet scrubber acting on particulate matter released from biomass combustion (2021)

Darbandi. T, Risberg. M, Westerlund. L
Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, Vol. 25
Article in journal

Challenges of sustainable industrial transformation (2021)

Swedish biorefinery development and incumbents in the emerging biofuels industry
Mossberg. J, Söderholm. P, Frishammar. J
Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining, Vol. 15, nr. 5, s. 1264-1280