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English within the teacher education programmes

English and Education offers several courses within the teacher education programmes at Luleå University of Technology.

Primary school teacher education programmes

In the primary school teacher education programmes, you can choose to target one of the following age groups: preschool–year 3 (pupils aged 6–9) or years 4–6 (pupils aged 10–12). During your studies, you meet our teachers on two English courses corresponding to a total of 30 credits. Among other things, the courses include English language didactics as well as literature and culture studies. Moreover, one of the objectives is to develop your own English skills in speech and writing. The courses are primarily taught online, but there are also a number of campus weeks in both courses, which students usually appreciate as they provide the opportunity to put theory into practice in collaboration with classmates.

High school teacher education programme

The high school teacher education programme is a campus-based programme that prepares you for teaching English not only in high school but also in years 7–9 (pupils aged 13–15) and adult education. While studying in this programme, you take five English courses corresponding to a total of 90 credits. The programme helps you develop a profound knowledge of English as well as didactic skills. In addition to modules related to English language didactics and assessment, the subject of English is studied with a focus on linguistics and literature. On the fifth and final course, you individually write a subject-didactic essay of 15 credits.

As a student of English in one of our programmes, you receive an education of a high quality. Having an English teaching degree from Luleå University of Technology means that you are thoroughly prepared for working in a dynamic and globalised society where it is a prerequisite to master the English language.