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C21st literacies for C21st Sweden

C21st literacies for C21st Sweden aims to ensure that Swedish teens can cope with advanced literacy tasks in English. The project builds on previous research conducted at Luleå University of Technology that determined how adolescent readers respond to different types of text (short stories, information web sites, etc.) and pinpointed areas where the literacy problem arose from the language-specific organisation of the text rather than poor English language skills.

C21st literacies for C21st Sweden uses the existing data as a baseline for a series of intervention studies investigating the development of meta-cognitive literacy skills. The goals are to ensure that Swedish teenagers can

  1. understand and improve their online searching strategies
  2. increase their range of strategies for recognising and responding to texts at points of difficulty
  3. identify bias (misinformation, irony, etc.)
  4. respond to different texts appropriately.

To achieve these goals, the project will also work with teachers’ meta-cognitive literacy and teaching skills to fulfil the final goal:

  1. to develop English teachers’ meta-cognitive awareness and thus their competences as literacy instructors.

The research methods have high ecological validity, capturing everyday school experience and make use of new techniques for investigating online searching behaviour. The results will be incorporated into pre- and in-service teacher education as well as being disseminated to the research community.