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Other courses

English and Education at Luleå University of Technology offers a number of stand-alone courses in addition to our BA level courses.

Each of the courses below corresponds to 7.5 credits and, in order to apply, you need to have documented skills in English 6 or equivalent qualifications.

English for Professional Purposes 
On the course English for Professional Purposes (course code E0009S), you have the opportunity to practise your oral and written proficiency, focusing particularly on English for the workplace. The primary aim of the course is to develop your overall communicative skills in formal English. This includes, for example, writing CVs and cover letters, participating in a simulated job interview and giving oral presentations. In other words, the course offers exercises and assignments that are useful in preparation for a globalised working life where English is frequently used.

Creative Writing in English
The course Creative Writing in English (course code E0023S) offers an introduction to writing fiction while also aiming to develop your overall English skills. Throughout the course, you focus mainly on writing short fiction, such as poetry and short stories. You are asked to share your drafts during workshops, thus providing and receiving constructive feedback in smaller groups. After having completed the course, you will have received various tools for analysing your own and other writers’ texts and for using English creatively in speech and writing.

Spoken and Written English for Exchange Students 
Spoken and Written English for Exchange Students 1 (course code E0019S) assists you in developing your overall proficiency in English. The lessons are communicative and you are expected to cooperate with your classmates in pairs or smaller groups. Part of the course content is to give oral presentations on well-known subjects, such as student life and travel. In addition, you practise your use of written English, thus expanding your knowledge of register (formal/informal English), grammar and vocabulary, among other things. While the main focus is on oral and writing skills, exercises related to reading and listening comprehension may be included.